Les Sons du Capitale sont rockin’… in fact they’re cocked, locked and ready to rock doc. They would go well with a red, or a white — or a wine with a screw off cap. Luke Welsh, Director of Marketing, Red House Records, October 30, 2009
These guys have grown leaps and bounds in the past year or two, and this collection of ditties proves they’re ready for the next phase. One to be proud of. Tom Hallett in The Pulse of the Twin Cities, December 28, 2006
Right from the get-go, Capital Sons wowed me. They play rock ’n roll with a classic feel., May 19, 2006
Featuring graceful melodies with both upbeat and slow tunes, the Capital Sons are sure not to disappoint the concert goer.
The vocals are soaring, glorious and keening… the guitars are riff-a-licious… the drums are driving and pounding… the bass is throbbing, insistent and hypnotic… the perfect meld of all of those sounds and more — seven songs that each stand on their own as viable radio singles and memorable, ear-pleasin’ daily soundtracks. Tom Hallett in The Pulse of the Twin Cities, January 26, 2006
…it’s super accessible, guitar-driven alt-rock and a great start for group who are going places. Perfect Porridge, March 22, 2006
…creative pop harmonies and intriguing song arrangements… this band has the goods and is willing to share. J-Sin of
This is a tight band. The rhythms are solid, the guitar work is good and catchy and the vocals are pretty well done. Gary Schwind, Rocknworld
Mixing, shaking and distilling such honorable influences as Paul Westerberg, Pearl Jam and a healthy dose of classic pop, these guys are poised to make their own estimable mark on the Cities and beyond. Capital Sons [self-titled debut release] just might be the debut album discerning alt-rock fans have been eagerly awaiting. Tom Hallett in The Pulse of the Twin Cities, July 21, 2005
Guitar and drums driven pop, with a bit of soaring in the choruses. Feel-good stuff. Palebear
The Sons convey the [Counting] Crows mixture of darkness and light and it works well on this record. David Brusie, Rift Magazine, Issue #11