Paint This Town

Words and Music by Karl Obermeyer

Come on people I know what your feeling
Got a feeling it’s all right with me
Amplifiers stacked to the ceiling
Got to get you in the corner with me

We’ve been waiting at least for two hours
Had a couple before we came down
Now they’re playing the songs of sweet mercy
Little faster ?? Lot of bit dirty

Little sister I share your excitement
Caught the glimpses you’ve been throwing at me
Will you let me show you delightment
We could make it such a site to see

We could dance on top of these tables
We could sway until they kick us out
We could play until we’re unable
What color do you want to paint this town

Do you wanna paint this town?

Oh no, where the good people go insane
Oh no, where the wise ones are on their way
Oh no, where the young ones all want to stay
So stay