Miss Understood

Words and Music by Karl Obermeyer

Well you grew up way too fast
You never let the moment last, or start
You held your head so high
Your tears could never fall to the floor

Hold me close and tell me something
Conclusions are made just for jumping to
Hold me close and lie to me
I’m trying to believe in your smile

Well you watched it all unfold
From your studio abode in the slums
You said it’s better to observe
Than lose my nerve and slowly come undone

Mark my actions, not my words
Conclusions are made just for me and you
Keep my faith and lie some more
Your crime is only what you wouldn’t do

Tell me it’s alright, my lover
Don’t just keep things undercover
Jaded’s not the only point of view
Your a long way from that town where they know
Your face, your name, and the scars you won’t show
But I think they look beautiful on you

Tonight as you sleep
I hear your whispers deep in the dark
But before we see the dawn
They’ll be whispers once again where they belong