High-Heeled Boots

Words by Karl Obermeyer, Music by Capital Sons

Get your coat on, grab some cash on your way
Were gonna rock and roll tonight
All night
Pull up to the club just after nine
There’s a crowd of people standing in line
Hold tight

Inhibitions face extinction tonight

Get a load of the girls all wearing skirts
And high-heeled boots inside
It’s all right
Sit yourself down right at the bar
Underneath those dirty neon signs
Sit tight

You ain’t gonna feel no pain tonight

Baby, I saw you walk in
And I’m gonna help you walk back out
That mischievous look on your face
I can tell what you’re all about
Oh, little sugar, I know what you need and you can’t do without
Cause when I see you smile that way I can’t help myself
We’ll give it out
Come now my woman, come now my lover
Shakin’ that Halston dress
Oh, now sweet darling, we’d better be leaving
You can put out my cigarette
With your high-heeled boots