Rose-Colored World

Release Date: Aug 19, 2018

Capital Sons Rose-Colored World
  1. Fugitive
  2. Pollyanna
  3. Born Into Chaos
  4. Anchor
  5. Rescue These Days
  6. Dear Alicia
  7. Hard Enough to Say
  8. Something to Grasp
  9. Mexico
  10. When the World Falls Down
  11. Immigrant Song

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An Exerpt from Trevor Brown’s Review

“Fugitive,” the leadoff song on the album, catches your attention right away. The combination of John’s bass line and Mike’s drumming really carry this song and it’s an ideal opener that sets the tone. Also, I love the change on the bridge to the second half of the song. “Pollyanna” is another one that stands out, with Karl’s big vocal. “Anchor” is the slow jam on the album and it is a beautiful tune. My lone complaint is I wish it were longer. “Dear Alicia” has some great guest vocal work by Maria Meade. It’s also a great tune to jam out to while driving. “Mexico” might be the hardest tune on the record, and it features some great harmonica, and some delicious licks by Rick on guitar. The album ends with a clever take on “Immigrant Song.”  read more »